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The Thompson Center on Lourdes

If you have a loved one who struggles with cognitive impairment, it's time to provide them an experience that brings happiness and improves quality of life. Active Minds is a personal learning experience designed to fit the needs of those with early stage dementia , or mild memory loss .

Through the use of multiple hands-on activities combined with stimulating conversations in a group setting, Active Minds creates a unique atmosphere that promotes social communication, healthy living styles, and lasting friendships.  The Active Minds team understands how to accommodate a variety of learning needs, creating connections and a sense of community through the use of humor, spontaneity, and love.

Our safe community of learning and friendship is achieved through social interaction and engaging, hands-on activities that include Guest Speakers, Field Trips, Art & Media, Movement & Exercise, Music, Daily Skills Practice, Current Events, and Health Training. 

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